Siya Phambili

The Siya Phambili project was started in 2005 in co-operation with BIA ( Born in Africa ), a Belgian NGO which supports better education up to and including university level. It became apparent that to achieve this, the mothers needed employment. Twelve women suggested beadwork and woollen scarves. A year later a volunteer provided managment, design and marketing skills. With time this project was registered as a business with 3 local women as owners.

Over a year as many as 18 workers are given the possibility of earning an income.Throughout, each member of the project discusses work relations, family problems, health, financial managment. Small loans are offered (and repaid in a timely manner),and the opportunity to better their English and to attend workshops on tourism and buziness managment.

BIA is still involved into the project in that they arrange touring parties ( Belgian )to visit the school in the township and then our project nearby. This enables out-of-season financial gain. At the end of the year, any extra profit is paid out in the form of a bonus as well as a lump sum to a charity of our choise in the township or to the BIA study fund.

We make traditional beaded cases for glasses/cellphones, Christmas decoration and cards,fridge magnets, candle holders, bracelets and hair clips for children Key rings of flags of all nations,or with company logos / wild animals on. Unique necklaces and earrings of semi-precious stones , woollen rainbow dolls and doilies are our classics. All products are designed in-house.

We have been fortunate enough to obtain many corporate orders from abraod, e.g. The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the USA, for company/municipality/school logos on key rings, sometimes amounting to 1500 pieces. Contact has also been made with various shops and lodges for the sale of our products

Address: The Mill, Kirbywood, The Crags

(on the road to Monkeyland)

Contact Person: +27 (0) 44 534 8906

Cell: +27 (0) 82 794 5047