Plettenberg Wineland - in the Crags

There is a well know phrase: “Blessed are the Winemakers!” And we must agree. With the 250 ton cellar at Bramon Wine Estate the hub of the wine industry here in Plettenberg Bay & The Crags, we have many blessings to bestow on their master wine maker Anton Smal. All boutique estates, with heart and soul being dug into each vine, this area is fast becoming internationally renowned for its excellence and craftsmanship. For more information on the vineyards have a look at

Bramon Wine Estate

Bramon Wine Estate, is a boutique Wine Estate (250 ton Cellar) named after Peter and Caroline Thorpe's children, Bram and Manon and is the first Estate this far East of the Western Cape, situated 20km East of Plettenberg Bay in a mountainous area called The Crags. This family run estate has broken new ground by pioneering vineyards in the Plettenberg Bay area, producing an award winning Methode Cap Classique sparkling wine and now a beautiful still Sauvignon blanc “The Crags” has added to the range. Having grown up on a wine farm in Worcester, Peter had an inherent passion for wine and working the land. On discovering a piece of land in The Crags with gentle slopes and cool sea breezes, Peter found the conditions excellent for vine growth. The first vines, Sauvignon Blanc, were planted in 2000 pioneering wine growth in Plettenberg Bay which has subsequently been classified as a Wine of Origin region. A coup for the area! Having paved the way for 18 other wine farms in the area, our “Wine & Bubbly Route’ is adding yet another facet to the Jewel of The Garden Route.

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Newstead: Lund Family Vineyard

Doug & Sue come from two families with rich farming heritage. "Our crest combines the roots of both – the lion of the Lunds and the stag of the Robinsons". And yet, Newstead represents a departure for both of them. From sugar and dairy farms in KwaZulu-Natal, they came to make wine in the Garden Route.

“We brought our young family to The Crags and in 2006, when the Plettenberg Bay Wine of Origin region was in its infancy, we bought 11.5 hectares of fallow land. We planted vineyards of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. We built our home and our tasting room. We made wines, and a life, that we love.”

“We believe that small is special. We know and nurture each vine. We use organic fertilisers and recycled grey water. We pay meticulous attention to detail. And because we prioritise quality over quantity, we don’t cut costs, even taking the unusual step of using netting over our vines, which results in unusually good grapes: they’re some of the most unblemished any farmer is ever likely to see, and they’re put to good use by our award-winning winemaker, Anton Smal.”

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Lodestone Wine & Olives

From the day the Tonkin family arrived in mid-June 2012, Ingrid and Jon have put their hearts and souls into transforming Lodestone into something special. The vineyards are at the foothills of the Tsitsikamma Mountains at an elevation of 250 metres, close enough to the Indian Ocean to feel the cooling influences of its sea breezes.

The small vineyard includes three varieties of grapes, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and a new vineyard is currently being established which will include more Sauvignon Blanc as well as Semillon and a Rhone-style Pinot Noir suitable for still wine rather than just bubbly. Local cellar master, Anton Smal has vinified its first harvests of Sauvignon Blanc. The product range will be expanded in 2015 to include a Methodé Cap Classique bubbly and a dry Rosé

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Redford Lane Wines

It’s a lifestyle

Redford Lane Wines, was established in 2006. Says owner Leanne Lane, “With my husband Brendan and I managing the vineyard personally we gain a far greater insight into the intricacies of the winemaking process”. It is a small, boutique producer with one hectare currently under young Sauvignon Blanc vines. Their philosophy is a simple and passionate one - creating a particularly easy drinking, refreshing white wine soft on the palate, light in colour carrying notes of ripe melon, a hint of pineapple, floral tones, and with a light lime undertone finish.

Don’t miss this appetising new wine, a testament to Plett’s amazing new winelands.

Tasting: Redford Lane Wines now has a tasting room : please phone to book : 083 708 0735.

Redford Lane Wines | Rondebosch Road (just off the Redford Road | The Crags |

Kay & Monty Vineyards

The award winning Kay and Monty Vineyards are set in the heart of the picturesque Plett Winelands. This magnificent vineyard, originally a Protea farm, was purchased by Chick Legh in 2004 and incorporated into his neighbouring farm, Rondebosch. Combined, the farms form an impressive 220 hectare working polo farm and vineyard.

The vineyards roll across five hectares of resplendent hills, beyond which lies the breath taking mountainous terrain of the Keurboom's River Nature Reserve and Forestry. The vineyards currently produce three varietals namely Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

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Anderson Wine

It was a great passion for wine and viticulture that started the vineyards in 2007. The farm of 109 hectares was bought by Ian Anderson and his father in 1972. An area of three hectares on the western side of the farm was transformed to vineyards, just below a picturesque dam.

Overlooking Keurboomstrand and Robberg Peninsula, the Anderson vineyard is delicately layered with a gradual flow between fynbos and indigenous forest and enjoys a mild cool breeze from the Indian Ocean. The Anderson trademark, the Letovenus moth - commonly known as the Silver-spotted ghost moth or Keurboom moth, is found in the bark of the indigenous Keurboom trees the name came to be.

The first bottling was in 2011, and most recently the 2013 wine was bottled at the end of July. This flavoursome Sauvignon Blanc has nuances of grapefruit and lime fruit with tones of green melon and passion fruit on the nose. The wine is processed and bottled at Bramon Cellar by local wine maker Anton Smal.

Wine tasting and sales by appointment only.

Anderson Vineyards | Keurbooms Heights | Keurbooms(just above Enrico’s) 083 453 3624 or 072 432 0393

That Wine Demesne at That Place

Demesne: (n)/di’mein, di’mi:n – The Lord’s waste. A piece of land attached to the manor and retained by the owner (the Lord) for their own use. (And in our case an experiment in growing grapes to make wine!)

About Us:

David has always had a penchant for gardening, he loves trees, and things grow for him. We also both like wine – especially that one after work! So one day while we were wandering around our little Demesne, with a glass of wine and the dogs, he looked across at Bramon and said “what about we do a small field?”. So we nipped across to Pete and Caroline (the Thorpes from Bramon) had dinner and planned our wine future on a paper table mat and that pretty much sealed it. So easy, that small white piece of paper …

That Field now boasts 1200 Pinot Noir vines – there was a lot of growth in the first season, both for us and the vines. The vines came through it a lot easier than we did. It is addictive, this growing of vines for the making of wines … so we decided to create another area : That Field Too is being prepared for next year’s 2100 vine stokkies – also Pinot Noir.

2015 is “D” Day – first picking …

That Wine & That Bubbly

Pinot Noir: Limited Editions


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