Ingwe Eco Warriors

The Ingwe Eco Warriors programme has been specially developed by outdoor education professionals, Ingwe Forest Adventures to highlight the importance of conservation through various different activities. A portion (10%) of proceeds help support locally based climate change project The Green Ticket.


Be it a group from the office, family or school; come and enjoy this experience and ease your conscience knowing you have contributed to preservation of our environment in some way.


For corporates or individuals that are in a position to sponsor a programme are very welcome indeed! Sponsorship would go through The Green Ticket which is a registered non-profit organisation and has Section 18A exemption (meaning that this donation would be tax deductible!)


We prefer to have full day programmes with interested groups, but are happy to do a half day option too and need at least 16 people to participate.

Bookings are essential and you can be an Eco Warrior any day of the week 365 days a year!

Ingwe is situated right in the middle of about 100 hectares of pristine indigenous forest making it the ideal base for these programmes.

Rate per person is R160 for youth groups and R300 for adult groups and include the following:

All equipment, facilitation, 2 tea breaks, certificates, slide show of pictures taken (plus free copy)

Not included: Meals and transportation (these can be provided with prior notice and arrangement)


Dependant on the age group and also what area you have chosen to be an Eco Warrior in for the group will define the day, but for example, if you chose Tree Planting this is what you are in for:

Youth groups:

The day starts with a “getting to know you” session and explanation of the day ahead leading into division of groups of about 10 or 12 people. A couple of fun activities in their groups follow, bringing in topics; for example water awareness assist the groups to begin working together like slick Eco Warrior ‘machines’until the first tea break.

Slide show presentation on ecology, the balance we need in our eco-system, trees, seed propagation and the role we can play in the future.

As we will be exploring in the forest, a short introduction on basic first aid & hiking do’s and don’ts.

Recyclable material work of art/invention which will bring us up to lunch time.

Alien clearing and management session and making of walking sticks out of alien vegetation.

Seed propagation/collection/planting of seedlings, planting of trees, care of existing trees that have been planted, identification of trees in the forest will all take place during the afternoon as we explore our beautiful forest and surrounds.

At the end of the programme and after a short de-briefing session, feedback forms on the day’s experiences will be completed individually.

Slide show of pictures taken during the day and presentation of certificates bring us to the end of the day.

Adult groups:

Essentially a similar programme, but would be in greater detail and could also include a visit to our local schools and conservancies in the area (own transportation required) to plant trees and do some tree care for existing trees. Alien clearing, maintenance of hiking trails and snare swoops in surrounding areas can also form part of your day. We also offer competitions for corporates for their recyclable work of art – winners will win trees to offset some of their companies’ carbon emissions through The Green Ticket, these trees will be planted in the surrounding area. With the adult programmes a lot depends on how involved they want to be, their strengths and knowledge in conservation work, how much we can learn from each other and we design an Eco Warrior package especially for you even bringing in some of the work we do with leopard research in the area! This is a great opportunity to help to preserve our environment and gain a different type of group experience.

Contact Person: +27 (0) 44 534 8218

Cell: +27 (0) 83 442 6115