Arts & Crafts and Lots of Drama!

Creative energies flow fast and furious in this little part of paradise too. Along dusty roads, tucked away behind grand old trees, around corners, along the roadside, in barns, the artists and crafters of The Crags turn their magic wares. Using what nature gave us, they create fine foods, sun-dried fabrics, ornaments, jewellery, raku pottery, honey and wine. Our own Barnyard brings us theatre and music and more than a little drama, and for the weary indulgent spa pampering.

Langa Lapu Fabrics

Langa Lapu is Xhosa for “sun cloth” and we bring some of our abundant African sunshine and vibrant colour into your homes. Our exotic and colourful fabrics are handmade in South Africa combining our lush tropical vegetation with the African elements of earth, wind, fire and water.

The Mill Mohair Shop

Visit The Mill at the old Cape Mohair factory for the world’s largest selection of mohair throws, blankets, scarves, accessories and speciality mohair socks. Mohair hails from the beautiful Angora goats that roam the open fields of the Karoo region in South Africa. South Africa is the world leader in Mohair with more than 60% of the world’s production.

The Old Nick Village

Unique handcrafted basins, in limited edition ranges. Manufactured by Porcupine Ceramics at The Mill Mohair & Décor centre just outside Plettenberg Bay in The Crags. Bring Art into your daily life by using one of our Basins to Improve an existing or new bathroom, uplift a kitchen and give your interior a new edge.