The Garden Route has much to offer the intrepid traveler and in terms of natural beauty, and nowhere more does it show than in The Crags & Plettenberg Bay, which is one of the most biodiverse areas in the world! Framed by the Tsitsikamma Mountains on the one side and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean on the other, this is a nature lover’s haven with over 50 charted walks in the area taking you over white sandy beaches, teeming estuaries and rivers, through indigenous forests, pristine fynbos & grasslands. It’s a bird watcher’s delight, a fisherman’s dream, a walker’s rapture, a beach-babe’s bliss and an adventurer’s ecstasy and a puzzler’s conundrum.


Who knew that so much could be seen by so many in so small an area? It is positively TEEMING with wildlife here –up-close and personal encounters with those gentle giants of the earth - the elephants – and down Animal Alley to see the monkeys and the birds and those lithe cheetahs and fascinating small cats, follow the meerkat meander and don’t forget our slithery friends the snakes and the splendid variety of animals at Jukani … all of this, and you can visit most of these activities on horseback too.

Arts & Crafts and Lots of Drama!

Creative energies flow fast and furious in this little part of paradise too. Along dusty roads, tucked away behind grand old trees, around corners, along the roadside, in barns, the artists and crafters of The Crags turn their magic wares. Using what nature gave us, they create fine foods, sun-dried fabrics, ornaments, jewellery, raku pottery, honey and wine. Our own Barnyard brings us theatre and music and more than a little drama, and for the weary indulgent spa pampering.

Nature and Adventure

Welcome adrenalin junkies: Grab your friends and have a ball on the obstacle course romping with ropes and scrambling over ramps, you can even learn to build a raft! Find out why this area is called “The Crags” as you hike high up on the hills, ford rivers, swim in mountain pools, cross the rock bridge and explore the secret caves. And it’s not just the body you can test, but the mind … conundrums and riddles, mazes & more.

How Keen if Your Conscience

There are so many people doing extraordinary things without fanfare, just quietly doing the right thing. Here are three of them we really like…

Plettenberg Wineland - in the Crags

There is a well know phrase: “Blessed are the Winemakers!” And we must agree. With the 250 ton cellar at Bramon Wine Estate the hub of the wine industry here in Plettenberg Bay & The Crags, we have many blessings to bestow on their master wine maker Anton Smal. All boutique estates, with heart and soul being dug into each vine, this area is fast becoming internationally renowned for its excellence and craftsmanship. For more information on the vineyards have a look at