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Old Nick Village
National Road N2
Plettenberg Bay
South Africa.
Tel: +27(0)44 533 1395
Cell: +27 (0)44 533 0521
Email: info@oldnickvillage.co.za
Website: www.oldnickvillage.co.za

Originally home to a trading store and housed in a 19th Century Cape settlement, the Old Nick Village is a landmark destination.

So much more than a shopping centre, this is a truly sensory experience for the whole family as well as for the discerning shopper. The galleries and shops are nestled amongst lush and established indigenous gardens. Here resident artists and crafters showcase their work in an eclectic combination of locally inspired design to enhance a creative lifestyle.

The gardens, dominated by ancient yellow wood trees, shade local crafters, Martie and Dale Lucas who spin, knit and weave – sharing their skill with excited children who can experience the deep satisfaction of making a bag or cushion, in between running freely across the broad lawns and clambering on the climbing sculpture.

Expect the unexpected, a special exhibition, a musical afternoon on the lawns, local birds and even the occasional Vervet monkey. This place is food for the soul with an array of creative stores to inspire.

The Old Nick shop gives the overarching impression of enduring quality, with exciting combinations of colours and textures for the modern home and garden. The principle products are woven home ware and handmade ceramics created under the guidance of Stuart and Janet Holding respectively, the founders of Old Nick Village. This shop has weathered the storms of recession and enjoyed abundance over its 30 year existence. It continues to evolve and present a cross section of some of the best individually crafted South African goods.

Ph: +27 (0)44 533 1395
Email: info@oldnickvillage.co.za
The sound of running water with its magnetic draw, pulls one into ‘pret-a-pot’. This is the showcase for Nicole and Michael Kingston who run this family business based in Port Elizabeth. Enjoy the riot of colour with massive garden pots, impressive water features, cleverly displayed in the cactus garden where you can choose your plant to match your planter. Their ceramic home ware and smart glass products innovate homes and public places all over the world. Plan to spend a good deal of time here.

Ph: +27 (0) 44 533 4100
Email: enquires@pret-a-pot.com
Web: www.pret-a-pot.com

Indalo means ‘natural’ or ‘of nature’ in Xhosa and Frances Orzechowski, clothing designer, has chosen this name to describe the look and feel of her shop. Her label ‘Soul’ epitomizes her fundamental love of the natural environment and the people of Africa. She uses only natural fibre and fabric, sources unusual clothing from Africa creating, along with wildlife photographs, artefacts and books, an exotic earthy elegance.

Ph: +27 (0)82 460 7729
Email: orzec@eqweb.co.za
Local contemporary artist Genevieve Berge presents a comprehensive and ever changing display of her delightfully feminine wall decorations. She paints on the floor, a la Jackson Pollock, but in a manner all of her own. Her inspiration comes from nature, the things she sees day by day and from her fertile imagination. She works in various mixed media on canvas and paints on commission at her home studio.

Ph: +27 (0)82 508 5557
Email: genre_art@hotmail.com
Web: www.genre.co.za

This ’little gem’ is a base for Mariella and Christiaan Oosthuizen, when they are not on rock collecting expeditions into Africa in search of more stunning selections of stones and crystals. Their innate sense of design shines through with enticing displays and simply beautiful jewellery, self strung with stones and beads from exotic places, mostly in Africa but also India and Asia. They say there is a stone for everyone, inspiring the need to browse. For children, there is a ‘scratch patch’ of highly polished semi-precious stones where they, too, can search for that elusive connection.

Ph: +27 (0) 44 5331048
Cell: +27 (0)84 607 1651
Email: circlesounds@hotmail.com
Make Africa is about people who make things. Sourced from all over Africa this is a selection of product inspired by the creative energy that is born at the intersection of the cultures, races and traditions in Africa. Hand carved African artefacts and fine art by selected artists/crafters form an exciting contrast to down to earth goods - blankets, fabrics, baskets and brooms.

Tel: +27 (0) 44 533 1395 ext 20
Email: makeafrica@cyberperk.co.za

Many are familiar with ‘the soap shop’ where the tables are piled high with blocks of fresh handmade soap, oils, lotions, potions and foams that look and smell good enough to eat! Debbie and Roger Vale have strung together an eclectic mix of products, aromatic, sensual and unusual, creating a cornucopia that is truly a feast for all the senses. Roger sells his enamelled silver wall decorations and brooches complementing a wide range of products from a White Rabbit toffee to a funky array of coloured bottles.

Ph: +27 (0) 44 533 6575
Email: rubysoul@mweb.co.za
Web: www.rubysoul.co.za
Mandy Chant’s delightful aroma filled store is characteristically individual. The high yellow wood counter is packed with glass jars of old fashioned sweets. The dresser stocks rows of pickles, preserves and piquant spices whilst pots of jam bubble away on the stove. Mandy also makes a range of pet biscuits with hilarious names such as ‘ostrich biscotti’ and ‘piggy wiggles’. This ‘Waggamuffins’ range is a hit with visiting dogs and even the resident peacock and odd errant monkey.

Tel: +27 (0) 44 533 4909
Email: redbarn@isat.co.za

Appropriately housed in the old wool sorting shed, this workshop is the passion of Stuart Holding, feeding his interest in old wrought iron weaving equipment, fine tuned to capture threads – forming ‘true selvages’, ‘undulating herringbones and ‘clover leaf’ designs. The 19th century power looms beat out a constant, and loud, rhythm as the weavers produce speciality fibre scarves, shawls and linen for the BEE company Mungo Design, which are available at the Old Nick Shop, other retailers country wide, the hospitality industry and even Beijing!

Ph: +27 (0) 44 533 1395
Watching a lump of clay transform into a pot is always a thrill. Almer Windvogel and Welile Hewu invite you to watch as they hand throw and hand decorate pots to be fired in the large paraffin powered outside kiln. The sound fundamental design elements cement a lasting quality and give great pleasure in use.

Ph: +27 (0) 44 533 1395

A new concept in furniture and home décor combining stone with other natural materials is the core of this exceptional designer range. Exploring three themes namely Bushveld, Beach and French, this talented partnership of artists offers a wide selection for the discerning buyer. The exclusive work by the well known bronze sculptor Robert Leggat complements this unusual collection.

Ph: +27 (0)84 301 9745
Ph. +27 (0)82 697 2341
email: leg_art@telkomsa.net
This restaurant draws its name from the famous wreck of the Portuguese barque in the lee of Robberg in 1630. For a year 100 men lived in co-operation with the local Khoi people whilst they built a boat and sailed back home. Rui and Lidia Rodrigues, themselves of Portuguese descent serve generous plates of well priced food flavoured with the tastes of Portugal. Seated in the lush garden or in front of the fire in winter you will be forgiven for stalling a while for a second slice of cake from the bakery or another glass of wine.

Ph: +27 (0) 44 533 6016
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The Crags, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
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